barca street

Barcelona side street


Off the refreshing coast of Dubrovnik Croatia

Sunset at Sea

This was taken from on board a ship in the mediterrean.

Fortress Dubrovnik

Taken at the city walls of Dubrovnik, croatia. i liked the contrast between the bright orange and green plant and the stark grey walls of the walled city.

Walled city gardens

Photo of plant life in the back streets of the city of Dubrovnik. This was an oasis of calm and contrast compared to the tourist plaqued streets in the more popular areas.

Fortress Dubrovnik

Remember Remember

Memorial on the wall of the fortress above Dubrovnik recognizing the fallen soldiers.

Trench warfare 2

Trench warfare

Remains of war trench from the war to protect Dubrovnik with a cross to commemorate the fallen soldiers

Fortress Dubrovnik

This is a shot of the fortress on the hill a top of the city of Dubrovnik

I was here.

Stone marker, Dubrovnik

Roman Temple

Roman temple, Rome

Catch anything?

Livorno, Canals

Going fishing?

Livorno Italy

Slave 4

Slave monument, Livorno, Italy

Slave 3

Slave monument Livorno, Italy.

Slave 2

Slave monument Livorno, Italy

Slave 1

Statue dedicated to slaves in Livorno, Italy


Bolt on gate in grounds of Pisa

Corner tower

Corner tower of Chateau D'If, Marseille

Mirror image

Mirror image of the port floor promenade in Marseille.

Tied up

I liked the way in which the new ropes currently in use are inter twinned with the old. Port of Dubrovnik.


Boat rope, harbour, Livorno, Italy

Back Streets Dubrovnik

back streets Dubrovnik